Miraleste Early Learning Academy

Facility Assessment

Facility Conditions Assessment Summary

Generally, the property appears to have been constructed within industry standards in force at the time of construction. The property appears to have been well maintained since it was first occupied and is in fair overall condition. According to property management personnel, the property has had no capital improvement expenditure program over the past three years.

Facility Maintenance and Repair Costs

Maintenance/Repair Cost Category Year(s) Estimated Cost
Seismic Repairs ( view the evaluation report – large file, see note* ) (AB300)
Immediate Repairs 0
Repairs Total
+ AB300
Replacement Reserves 1–10
Capital Needs Total
(Short-Term Costs)
+ AB300
Long-Term Items 11–19
Deficiency Repair Total
(Long-Term Costs)
+ AB300
*Note: An additional five percent [5%] escalation has been added to the Seismic Repairs costs described in the evaluation report to carry the values from 2016 dollars to 2017 dollars.