Campo Verde

Estimate of Probable Costs

Summary of Estimate of Probable Costs

The following cost estimate is based on the plan for the Phase One Plan project scope (updated in 2024). Click on “Phase One Plan” in the site menu for a plan view of where these items are located on this site.

Phase One Plan Probable Costs

Campo Verde – Phase One Plan

PI# Scope Description Quantity × Unit Cost = Cost Total Cost
Hard Construction Costs
Site Work
Site Work Costs 0
New Construction
New Construction Costs 0
Reconfiguration Costs 0
Modernization Costs 0
Demolition Costs 0
X1 No modernization 0 each × 0 per each = 0 0
Miscellaneous Costs 0
Hard Construction Cost Subtotal 0
Soft Project Costs 27.00 % of Hard Construction Costs 0
Hard Construction Cost + Soft Project Costs Subtotal 0
Escalation 5 years @ 4.50% per year = 24.62% 0
Overall Contingency   10.00% of total = 11.11% 0
Total Probable Phase One Plan Costs for
Campo Verde