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Assessment Grading Criteria

Results of the Facilities Assessments are summarized in a “report card” for each site. Summaries include grades for major categories, and an overall grade for the site. Grades are developed using pre-established criteria so that they serve as both an objective measurement of a facility’s condition and a subjective appraisal of a property’s condition.

Sample findings are available for each Assessment Category.

Letter Grades

The following descriptions are used to assign an appropriate grade to the aggregate systems within each category:

Grade Description
A New or near new condition of all components of systems. No corrective actions are required.
B Generally good condition with minor corrective actions required for some systems. Corrective actions are required but not urgent.
C Fair condition with some corrective actions required for some systems. Some urgency is involved for corrective actions.
D The majority of systems are in poor condition and require corrective actions. Most corrective actions require immediate attention.
F Virtually all systems are broken or inoperative. Most cannot be repaired easily. If repairable, costs to do so are prohibitive or exceed full replacement cost.

Letter Grades and Points

Letter grades for each main category are given a numeric equivalent grade based on grade points typically assigned to letter grades (that is, 4.00 points for an A, 3.00 points for a B, etc.). The numeric grade average of the main assessment categories are then calculated to arrive at an overall Grade Point Average for the campus which is translated into an overall letter grade. The letter grades assigned are based upon the following grading scale:

Grade Score Description
A+ 4.0 Facility quality is excellent.
A 3.75-3.99
A- 3.50-3.74
B+ 3.25-3.49 Facility quality is satisfactory.
B 2.75-3.24
B- 2.50-2.74
C+ 2.25-2.49 Facility quality is borderline.
C 1.75-2.24
C- 1.5-1.74
D+ 1.25-1.49 Facility quality is poor.
D 0.75-1.24
D- 0.50-0.74
F 0.49 & below Facility quality is very inadequate.