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Master Plan Sections

The sections of this Facilities Master Plan are conceived as sections of a virtual book documenting the educational goals of the Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District. It is understood that this is a living document that will require updates and re-interpretations as the needs of the District change and become more clearly refined. The campus transformations envisioned by this document to support “next generation” learning are forward-thinking, well-conceived, and will benefit Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District students for generations to come.

Section 1: Research & Discovery

We begin the Facilities Master Plan process by establishing a “snapshot” of where the district facilities stand today. How is each campus currently being utilized? What is the condition of our facilities? What do demographics and attendance look like in the future? And most importantly, what is our vision for the Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District moving forward?

Section 2: Facilities Assessments

What is the importance of facility assessments and how do they influence the development of the Facilities Master Plan? There are several reasons to complete facility assessments during the Master Plan process. As we plan to repair or replace elements of our campuses, we should also consider how this work affects the educational needs of our students.

Section 3: Community Outreach

The success of this Facilities Master Plan depends on constituent participation in the process and understanding of the results. Before we begin to develop the details of this Facilities Master Plan, we must understand what our instructors, staff, students, and community feel are important to sustaining the outstanding education being delivered by our District.

Section 5: Master Planning

Drawing upon the Community and Parent Input Sessions, digital questionnaires, physical assessments, and educational adequacy site walks, a comprehensive master plan document is produced for each school site. Each master plan identifies the comprehensive repair and renovation projects, as well as new building and site enhancement projects.

Section 6: Finalization & Implementation

The final steps of the process begin with considering all physical assessment repair “needs” and educational adequacy “wants” for each school site to illustrate and compare the magnitude of the projects across the District. Costs and funding sources are explored. Once this information is complete, the District establishes the priorities for each campus and matches them to the potential funding sources to be pursued.